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Check out my IGTV show, Acting Out With Tanya!

Check out my IGTV show,
Acting Out With Tanya!

The actor must be able to dig deep inside of themselves to produce results quickly. The director, even the most actor friendly one, does not have time to hand hold. They are trusting the actor to do the job they were booked to do. So, how do you do that?


There is a famous joke that goes

So, how do you practice?


You practice with direction. A consistent, steady pace with your goal in mind. You surround yourself in a class with like-minded people. Some move slower than others but the goal is always the same…to be a daring, bold actor that is ready to take on any role set in front of them. You practice in a setting that not only challenges you with foundation work, but alongside those that are consistently layering upon that. You do it together. One class. No levels. Together. There is always something to learn…not only from doing but from observing.


Too often, advanced actors forget that basic foundation work is something that never ends. On the same note, beginning actors tend to stay comfortable for long periods of time in specific foundation classes. They fall into the trap of needing to be “The Star” of their class. Becoming addicted to the validation, they are either afraid to make the jump into a more advanced class or waiting for the approval of their coach.